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Option A

‘I have a lot on my plate’ yet I know I need a change. It is not working out one day a year for 10 hours that benefits, rather doing ten minutes everyday for a year. No matter how small the actions, the consistency will yield results. This option is to choose one meal of the day to be plant based. Very intentional and purposeful yet supportive choice for those on a very challenging stage of life.

Option B

2 a Days. Choosing two meals a day to be plant based is a great decision to intensify and magnify the power and beauty of going plant based. The results are not subtle, they can be seen as much as felt. This option can be attained by being prepped, starting the morning from home and ending the night at home plant based. A great option for those on the go!

Option C

This is the all in, no reasons only results. This a full commitment of 90 Days solely plant based. This is a life changing, health catalyst, empowering move!  We get out of life what we put in. Going all in plant based will bring us the best health of our life.


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