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"TRUTH is like the sun, you can shut it away for some time but it is not going away" Elvis Presley. The Truth always comes out and it is why eating plant based has gone from being a niche just a few years ago to now being mainstream and encouraged by some of the greatest athletes, Dr.'s, health industry professionals and day to day person as thee source for individual health, collective health, environmental health, mental health, and global health. You know it's veracity cannot be denied when people all over the spectrum from Rapper Tupac in the 80's to 1000's of Dr.'s, experts today are agreeing in the same thing, we need to change our food choices or at minimum modify. As we are deepening in the development of science we are understanding that we are energetic beings. We are like exotic, highly valuable cars in demand for premium fuel yet we are placing low grade rubbish fuel in our tank. We wonder why if we are born to thrive with the passing of time we are hindered and limited younger and younger? Kids diabetes is now a thing, heart attacks at 30's, heart disease, erectile dysfunction at 30’s, infertility, new diseases Parkinson's, lupus, Fibromyalgia, and a huge variety of CANCER is rampant. Though the answer is simple, it's what and how we are eating we are conditioned to believe we are helpless. Our 90 Day CHANGES CHALLENGE is here to guide, support, and educate you how going plant based will grant you feeling your strongest, healthiest most energized self you have ever experienced. As with any dietary changes, especially when on medication we encourage you to speak to your Dr, we also encourage to do your research, feel your body and listen to it. If stepping into optimum health and experiencing your POWER is a must than we ask you to click on the link and commit, make the decision to go plant based for 90 days. 

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